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    Airstocking Spray On Micro Fine Silk Powder Natural [AS10]
    • Waterproof & Anti-sweat - Let your leg looks brightening in outside!
    • Natural conceal - Easy to let your leg become flawless and smoothing!
    • Light & Breathable - Give you clear and breathable feelings!
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    Taoi Fun Tattoo Stencil [TA22]
    • Temporary Black Tattoo Spray, a temporary tattoo fast and easy to apply because it requires only a few minutes.
    • Each pack contains one 50 ml spray body paint, pencil body 4 and 8 small disks disinfectants.
    • Delicious Tattoo Spray, fragrant and colorful tattoos which have been given flavors, all containing approved food ingredients
    RM8.90   3.56   60%
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    Taoi Temporary Tattoo Spray Black 50ml [TA21]
    • tattoo three days duration.
    • With the spray Temporary Tattoo Black you can spray tattoos on the skin.
    • Temporary Tattoo Body Spray, if carefully maintained, lasts up to three days and is waterproof.
    RM33.00   13.20   60%
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