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      Declare Hydro Boost Duo Care Fluid 40ml [DC155]
      • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
      • Ideal for the most sensitive skin
      • Your skin will be glowing and radiant
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      Declare Soft Cleansing Tender Tonifying Lotion 200ml [DC004]
      • It Removes Cleansing Residues
      • Prepares Your Skin For Skin Care Products
      • It Additionally Moisturises, Tones And Soothes The Skin
      RM99.00   79.20   20%
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      Panier des Sens Mediterranean Freshness Essence of Freshness Facial Toner 200ml [PDS506]
      • After cleansing and make-up removal, this fresh toner removes any remaining impurities to purify and oxygenate the skin.
      • Combined with a moisturizing agent, the seaweed extract maintains an optimal moisture level in the upper layers of the epidermis. 
      • Its lightweight formula keeps the skin comfortable and reveals its natural radiance.
      RM74.50   37.25   50%
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      [BUY 1 FREE 1] Daytox Facial Tonic 200ml [DT101]
      • Size: 200ml
      • Supports the regeneration of the skin
      • Calms and moisturizes intensively
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      Declare Age Essential Essence 150ml [DC256]
      • regenerating multi-active essence
      • vitalizing, activating
      • extra moisturizing
      • reduces wrinkles and pigment spots
      RM309.00   247.20   20%
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      Soqu Aloe Vera Moist Up Face Mist 150ml [SOQU104]
      • Hydrating facial mist that calms skin troubles, controls excess sebum, and boosts moisture
      • Helps to boost hydration and soften skin with the aloe vera leaf extract for moisturization and the lotus extract
      • To control sebum providing an astringent effect
      RM49.00   39.00   20%
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      Declare Pure Balance Matifying & Astringing Toner 200ml [DC452]
      • This alcohol-free toner with an immediate matte effect clarifies your skin, removes excess sebum and refines the pores.

      • Regular use helps to prevent blemishes.

      • For a clean, clear complexion with a matte finish.

      RM99.00   79.20   20%
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