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    Daytox Facial Tonic 200ml [DT101]
    • Size: 200ml
    • Supports the regeneration of the skin
    • Calms and moisturizes intensively
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    Panier des Sens Mediterranean Freshness Essence of Freshness Facial Toner 200ml [PDS506]
    • After cleansing and make-up removal, this fresh toner removes any remaining impurities to purify and oxygenate the skin.
    • Combined with a moisturizing agent, the seaweed extract maintains an optimal moisture level in the upper layers of the epidermis. 
    • Its lightweight formula keeps the skin comfortable and reveals its natural radiance.
    RM74.50   37.25   50%
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    Skin79 Skin Clearing Toner - Moist 500ml [SKN110]
    • Brand: Skin79
    • Range: Skin clearing
    • Volume: 500ml
    RM102.00   59.00   42%
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    Soqu Aloe Moist Up Face Mist 150ml [SOQU104]

    SOQU Aloe Moist Up Face Mist 150ml [SOQU104]

    Hydrating facial mist that calms skin trubles, controls excess sebum, and boosts moisture

    Our facial mist helps to boost hydration and soften skin with the aloe vera leaf extract for moisturization and the lotus extract to control sebum providing an astringent effect

    How to use: Spray over face with eyes closed at a distance of 20cm when facial skin feels dry. It can be also misted over make-up.

    RM49.00   39.00   20%
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