Product Hall of Fame

  Harper's Bazaar Fragrance Award
  1. MASAKI Aqua Mat EDT (Best Clean & Light Scent)


  Her World Beauty Award 2015
  1. Lakmé Color Stay Shampoo(Shampoo for Colored Hair - Judges’ Choice)
  2. Lakmé Color Stay Conditioner(Conditioner for Colored Hair- Judges’ & Readers’ Choice)
  3. Lakmé K. Style Power Fix Plus Extreme Hold Hair Mousse(Strong Hold Styling - Judges’ Choice)


  CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2015
  1. TheCosmeticRepublic Multi Vitamin Shampoo (Best Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair)
  2. Dessata Detangling Brush (Best Detangler)


  Female Beauty Award 2015
  1. Declare Perfect Eye Fluid (Best Hydrating Eye Treatment)


  Bazaar Hair Award 2015
  1. Biacrè Argan & Macadamia Oil Mask Hydrating (Best Smoothing Hair Mask for Thick & Wavy Hair)
  2. Lakmé Water Touch Cool Wax (Best Hair Wax for Men)


  Her World Beauty Awards 2014
  1. Lakmé K Style Hard Xtreme Hold Spray (Best Strong Hold Styling Product)
  2. Lakmé K Style Natural Boost Flexible Mousse (Best Volumising Styling)


  CLEO Whitening Award
  1. Aplure Alti-White Brightening Purifying Gel (Best Whitening Cleanser)
  2. Declare Brightening Intensive Night Cream (Best Whitening Night Cream)


  Bazaar Hair Award 2014
  1. Fudge Matte Hed (The Best Texturising Style Kit)
  2. Lakmé Wet Designer (The Best Texturising Style Kit)
  3. Lakmé Bio Argon Oil (Best Oil-based Hair Treatment)
  4. Miriam Quevedo Platinum & Diamond Luxe Serum (Best Hair Serum for Luminous Hair)
  5. Ecofrens Ionic Massage Brush (Best Organic Brush)


  Her World Beauty Awards 2013
  1. Celeb Beaute Fiber Xtend Mascara
  2. Lakmé K Style Curl Action Curl Activator Gel
  3. Fudge Matte  Mineral Aerosol Rock Spray


  Bazaar Hair Awards 2013
  1. Fudge Textures  Matte  Minerals Raw  Vintage  Clay – Best Styling Tool For Strong Hold
  2. Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Shampoo for Difficult Hair – Best Shampoo for Curly Hair
  3. Eco.Kid Tuff Stuff Strong Styling Sheild – Best Styling for Kids


  Her The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2013
  1. Ecofrens Ceramic Ionic Thermal Brush – Best Hair Brush
  2. Celeb Beaute Celeb Nail – Best Nail Stickers
  3. Coslys Exfoliating Body Gel – Best Body Scrub
  4. Mirco Cell Cuticle Care Pen – Best Cuticle Treatment


  The CLEO Guy-stuff Awards 2013
  1. Fudge Textures  Matte  Minerals Raw  Vintage  Clay


  Bazaar Beauty Awards 2013
  1. Declare Night Repair Essential Serum – Best Radiance  Booting Night Serum
  2. Real Techniques Core Collection – Best Brush Set  (Luxe for Less)
  3. Celeb Beaute  Auto Eyeliners Pencil – Best  Eye Pencil (Luxe For Less)


  Her World's & Reader's Choice 2012
  1. Declare Stress Balance Cell Life
  2. Celeb Beaute Celeb Nail
  3. Kings & Queens 2-in-1 Shampoo & Shower Gel


  The CLEO Guy Stuff Award 2012
  2. Carlton Strictly for Men Canadian Pine Thermal Aktiv Shampoo


  Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards 2012
  1. Lakmé Teknia Straight Gel- Best Taming Hair Gel
  2. Lakmé Teknia Deep Care Treatment- Best Mask For Damages Hair
  3. Lakmé K. Therapy Active Prevention Lotion- Best Defense Against Aging Tresses
  4. Lakmé K. Therapy Shock Concentrate - Best Treatment Hair Loss
  5. Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Intensive Anti Aging Luxe Mask - Most Luxe Hair Pack
  6. Miriam Quevedo Restructuring Luxe Serum- Most Luxe Repair Ative Serum
  7. Eco. Kid Daily Leave in Tonic Conditioner -  Best Daily Leave in Conditioner for Children


  Female, Nu You, Eh! Beauty Best Seller 2012
  1. Lakmé K. Theraphy Active Shampoo


  The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2012
  1. Lakmé Power Xtreme Hold Mousse- Nest Strong Hold Mousse
  2. Real Techniques Shading Brush - Best Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Real Techniques Blush Brush - Best Blush Brush
  4. Ecotool Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush - Best Power Brush



Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2012

  1. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation - Best Mineral Compact Foundation
  2. Celeb Beaute Auto Eyebrow Pencil - Best Eyebrow Pencil



  Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu Cosmopolitian 2012
  1. Lakmé Teknia Color Stay Shampoo - Best Shampoo & Conditioner for Coloured Hair


Harper's Bazaar award

Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2011

  1. Youngblood Pressed Individual Eye Shadow
  2. Ecotools 5-piece Bamboo Brush Set
  3. Booty Parlor Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath
  4. Beclare Bi-Phase Sensitive Eye Make Up Remover
  5. Lakmé Teknia Curl Up Leave-in Conditioner
  6. Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Intensive Anti-Agi Luxe Masque
  7. Lakmé Teknia Gentle Balance Shampoo (Editor’s Pick)


Her World Award

 Her World Beauty Awards 2011

  1. Rapid Eyelash Enhancing Serum- Her World's Choice

The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2011

  1. Miriam Quevedo Extreme Carviar Shampoo for Difficult Hair
  2. Greenland French Lavender Rosemary Shower Cream
  3. Micro Cell 2000 Nail Repair 
  4. Ecotools Bamboo 2 Nail Files

The CLEO Guy-Stuff Awards 2011

  1. Lakmé K.Therapy Active Preventive Shampoo
    - Best Hair Loss Treatment
  2. TreatmentFudge Matte Head - Best Matte Finish
Bazaar Beauty Awards 2010

Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2010

  1. Kings & Queens Shimmering Body Lotion
  2. Kings & Queens Chinese Princess Jasmine Shower Gel
  3. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation
  4. Ecotools 5 pcs Brush Set
  5. Micro Cell Nail Repair Remover
  6. Fudge Gloss De Frizz Serum (Editor's Pick)
AKU Cosmopolitian

Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu Cosmopolitian 2010

  1. Kings & Queens Chinese Princess Jasmine Shower Gel - Best Body Cleanser
  2. Microcell Nair Repair - Best Nail Treatment
  3. Juice Organics PomPink Lip Amplifier - Best Lip Plumping Gloss
  4. Fudge Ends - Best Split End Remedy


The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2010

  1. Youngblood Hi-Definition Powder
  2. Lakmé K Style Rings Curl Activation Balm
  3. Fudge Salt Spray
  4. Nailace Nail File & Buffer
  5. Ecotools 5 psc Brush Set
  6. Dr+ LAB Cell Perfection Repair Balm




Citta Bella 2010

  1. Bloom Waterproof LashExtend Mascara
  2. Lakmé K Therapy Active Preventive Shampoo



Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2009

  1. Declare Caviar Perfection Immediate Effect Firming Mask
  2. Lakmé K Style Chalk Matt Powder



Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu Cosmopolitian 2009

  1. Alpure Detoxifying Toning Cleanser
  2. Lakmé K Theraphy Repair Nourishing Mask
  3. Lakmé K Style Finishup Monoi Balm
  4. Declare Body Harmony Relaxing Hand Cream



The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2008

  1. Bloom Brow Definer - Best Eyebrow Pencil
  2. Bloom Pure Mineral Radiant - Best Cheek Powder
  3. Declare Soft Cleansing Milk - Best Milk Cleanser
  4. Lakmé KTheraphy Active Mask - Best Hair Mask
  5. Fudge Daily Mint Shampoo - Best Daily Shampoo
Bazaar Beauty Award

Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2008

  1. Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner - Best Head-Clearing Scent Daily Conditioner
  2. Lakmé K Therapy Hair Repairing Gel - Top 10 Favourites

The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2007

  1. Bloom Make-Up Base - Best Foundation Primer
  2. Bloom Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black - Best Liquid Eyeliner
  3. Lakmé Teknia Color Stay Conditioner - Best Conditioner for Colored Hair
  4. Fudge De Frizz - Best Hair Smoothing Treatment


Bazaar Beauty Awaird 2007

Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2007

  1. Lakmé Teknia Color Stay Conditioner - Best Conditioner for Colored Hair
  2. Fudge Hair Skyscraper - Best Hair Spray
  3. Fudge Hair Varnish - Best Hair Wax
AKU 2007

Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu Cosmopolitan 2007

  1. Bloom Make-Up Base - Best Foundation
  2. Lakmé Teknia Deep Care Drops - Best Hair Serum
  3. Fudge Erekt - Best Straightener
The Bazaar Beauty Award 2006

Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2006

  1. Fudge Skrewd - Best Curl Enchancer 



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