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      Titania Men Solingen Nose Hair Scissors 1050/15MEN [TTN201]
      • Fine quality scissors manufactured and quality controlled equal to the Solingen Quality Standard
      • Precision ground cutting edges guaranteeing even gentle cutting
      • Manually adjustable by screw
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      Titania Men Solingen Beard Scissors 1050/9MEN [TTN202]
      • Rustproof and easy to clean
      • Expertly crafted using Solingen quality stainless steel
      • Made especially for trimming and shaping beards and mustaches, cutting through even the coarsest hair
      • Equipped with large finger holds for easy handling and short, sharp-tipped blades to allow beards of every length to be trimmed with precision
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      Biobiz Bugs Shield Band Single Pack - Green [BBZ11]
      • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor activites
      • Can be worn as a mosquito repellent protection on wrist or ankle
      • Available for 30 days, eight hours a day
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