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    Declare SHINS 20th Anniversary Soft Cleansing Set - Gentle Cleansing Gel + Tender Tonify Lotion + Ocean's Best Mask [DC9987]
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    Declare SHINS 20th Anniversary Soft Cleansing Set - Gentle Cleansing Gel + Tender Tonify Lotion + Ocean's Best Mask [DC9987]

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    Brand: Declare
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    The essential values set contains Soft Cleansing Gentle Cleansing Gel 200ml & Soft Cleansing Tender Tonify Lotion 200ml + Hydro Balance Ocean's Best Mask 75ml

    Declare Soft Cleansing Gentle Cleansing Gel

    Particularly mild cleansing gel for sensitive skin. For face and eye make-up.

    • This gel contains special caring ingredients to promote softness and suppleness as it gently cleanses and purifiers the skin
    • Removes excess sebum, makeup, impurities and dead cells, skin tone is more even
    • Anti-inflammatory, stabilization, mitigation, protection of the skin against external environment, and strengthens the skin’s pH

    Skin Types: All skin types

    Active Ingredients

    • lime blossom extract

    Lime blossom extract is obtained from the blossoms of the lime tree (tilia cordata), to soothe and refresh dry, sensitive skin. Rich in vitamin C and manganese, it also protects the skin cells against oxidative stress and therefore against further associated reactions due to sensitivity.

    • panthenol

    Panthenol is the provitamin, which is most frequently used in the cosmetics industry. As a provitamin of B vitamins, panthenol increases the skin‘s moisture retention capacity and has a gentle, calming effect. It soothes stresses and redness, provides the skin with sufficient moisture and also increases its ability to absorb the skincare products that are to follow.

    How to Apply

    • Facial cleansing: Apply onto dry skin, softly massage and then rinse with warm water
    • Eye make-up removal: Apply onto cotton pad, gently cleanse eyelids and eyelashes and rinse with warm water

    Declare Soft Cleansing Tender Tonifying Lotion

    Moisture splash for the finishing touch to cleansing sensitive skin.

    This tender toner with soothing linden extract clarifies your skin, removes excess sebum and completes the cleansing process. The skin is optimally prepared for the following treatment.

    Skin Type: All skin types

    Active Ingredients

    • olive extract
    • panthenol
    • linden extract
    • allantoin

    How to Apply

    Morning & evening. Last cleansing step and preparation for care product. After cleansing saturate a cosmetic pad with the lotion and apply on face and neck.

    Declare Hydro Balance Ocean's Best Mask

    The invigorating and refreshing cream mask, with a cocktail of algae extract, seawater and hyaluronic acid, has an immediate revitalising effect and instantly makes the signs of tiredness disappear.

    The mask gives your skin an immediate boost of hydration. The intense moisturizing effect plumps the skin to lessen the appearance of fine lines. Leave your skin feeling fresh and soft.

    • Perfectly refreshing and moisturizing for immediate radiance and freshness
    • The refreshing effect is enhanced if the mask is put into the fridge a few minutes before application
    • Ideal for relaxation after a warm day of to relieve sun stressed skin

    Active Ingredients

    Algae extract, spring sea water, hyaluronic acid, cupuaçubutter, bisabolol

    How to Apply

    Apply onto perfectly cleansed face and neck. After 10 minutes rinse with water or tissue off the residue. As this is a cream mask it can also be left on the skin.



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